Welcome to E & B Arthur Land and Cattle

At eight dollar corn, Eric Arthur did like many farmers and went to straight grain farming. Being located in the heart of north central Iowa where the land is flat and the soil is black, who could blame him. As times change like they do and the commodity prices balanced back out, Eric grew the urge to get back into the hobby he enjoyed growing up, the cattle business. He showed cattle at the county and state level competition where he met a lot of good people through the years and built long-lasting relationships. Those relationships are another reason for wanting to get back into the cattle industry.

In 2008, Eric married Bridget Brandau also from north central Iowa. Bridget grew up around farming and was involved in 4-H where she exhibited horses at the County Fair. She wasn't familiar with the cattle until her and Eric bought their first heifer in January of 2012 at the Denver Stock Show. She has learned a great deal about the cattle business since then. The couple has the next generation growing up in the family operation with their three children, Jaxon, born in December of 2010, Maci in April of 2012 and Creed, born July 2016.

While Eric is mainly focused on the grain side of the operation, Bridget makes sure all cattle records are kept up to date and helps with the day to day chores of the cattle and marketing and advertising of E & B Arthur Land and Cattle.

Eric and Bridget's goals for the operation is to make it family oriented. They want to be able to teach their children responsibility and hard work and by doing so they will have something to show for it at the end of the day.

They are looking forward to raising their family in the cattle business so their children have the opportunity to meet people from all facets of the industry and make their own long-lasting relationships for them to carry on. Eric's long-lasting relationship that he had built as a kid has allowed them the opportunity to be a part of the Royal Edge sale each January. The objective of the sale is to make it a family event with good cattle and great people!

Thank you for visiting our site. Please feel free to contact us anytime or stop by our farm as visitors are always welcome!

Eric, Bridget, Jaxon,Maci and Creed Arthur